Personal Empowerment, Team Transformation & Mentoring Programs
for corporations, organisations & community groups

"Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness"
Old Chinese proverb

Organisational Trainings
Grow People – Grow Community

These programs are designed for a diverse range of community organisations – for staff and/or clients alike, and include Not-For-Profit, Disability Organisations, Sporting Clubs, Domestic Violence & Suicide Prevention Services, TAFE Colleges and Corrective/Rehabilitation Services.

Programs cover a number of areas, all with the primary objective of developing positive communication strategies and embracing change. They are designed specifically for each organisation to be facilitated either on-site, off-site or as a residential.

Focus is on personal development (self esteem/self worth) within a team context (social support). We consistently relate within teams in all areas of our lives at work, at home, with friends, and sporting/social organizations. It is within these areas where we find our greatest external support.

Objective is to re-introduce people to the concept of taking personal responsibility for their actions. This includes developing a practical understanding of implementing the ‘power of teamwork’ into their workplace and supporting each other in maintaining that commitment. It is always based around personal choice.

These impactful programs are designed for each person to have input and experience, gaining insight into:

Their personality and how they learn
Steps to developing trust
The power of choice and what that creates
The power of teamwork

Modules include:
Workplace Communication
Team Development & Transformation
Emotional Intelligence
Cultural Awareness
Understanding Learning Styles & Behavioural Profiles
Front-line Management
Leading, Managing and Mentoring Staff
Change Management
Customer/Client Service
Personal Development and Conflict Resolution
Experiential Outdoor Team Challenges
Presentation/Public Speaking Skills



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