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"The last of the human freedoms is to choose one's attitudes." Victor Frank

School Programs
Grow People – Grow Community

Robyn has worked with schools and school students since 1995. Programs have been facilitated within school premises and outdoor education camps in addition to presenting Suicide Prevention Programs to school students in regional NSW.

Programs focus on personal development (self esteem/self worth) within a team context (social support). They about assisting students gain a greater understanding of emotional intelligence and their inclusion in being part of the wider community.

It is to re-introduce students to the concept of taking personal responsibility for their actions. This includes developing a practical understanding of implementing the 'power of teamwork' into their schools and supporting each other in maintaining a team commitment. It is always based around personal choice.

These programs can also be adapted to include staff and teachers, and are facilitated within the schools own premises, at outdoor education facilities or within a bush land setting. They are tailored to meet the needs of the school and can vary from several hours to five days.

Outcomes of these practical programs include:
  • An understanding of how they learn
  • Understanding their own and others behavioral patterns
  • Steps in developing trust
  • What the power of choice can create
  • The power of teamwork
  • Giving and receiving positive feedback
  • Reduce the incidence of ‘bullying

Programs can also include:
  • Job Search tehniques
  • Resume development
  • Interviewing skills
  • Presentation/public speaking skills




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