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Robyn’s’ training session was invaluable in providing insight into my current staff and the resulting culture in our business. In a very small amount of time and with great ease Robyn was able to reveal personality types within our business and conduct an open discussion of the characteristics of these. Simply knowing this in regards to our people has put us at ease as business owners and assisted our team in understanding one another, thus creating more synergy within our company.

Sunshine Estivo
Managing Director

The Sunnyfield Association – Community Services Division
Robyn's program and facilitation of a two-day, team building residential for 22 middle and senior management was a very productive, enjoyable and fulfilling two days.

Robyn used a variety of activities to ensure that all participants were involved in the workshop. Participation was a key element to ensure that the two days would be a success.
She has the skill to encourage and foster open and frank discussion for all participants that can be on a professional and at times a personal level.

The workshop enabled the participants to understand their work colleagues on a deeper level therefore fostering a more effective team unison and spirit. Parts of the two days also highlighted how different aspects of your work and personal life can impact on each other in a positive and negative way.

One of the activities that Robyn conducted was finding out peoples personality styles. This activity really enabled the team to identify why some people work the way they do and to focus on how this can be used in a positive way to benefit the team.

Robyn is also very open and honest and has a way of putting people at ease very quickly. She has the gift of being able to get people to move out of their comfort zones in an environment where they feel safe and comfortable in doing so.

The two days really made a positive difference to the dynamics of the team and this is still evident today.

Thank you again Robyn for an incredible two days!! We look forward to our continued partnership and the follow up team building days that have already been organised for the division.

Cathy Commins, General Manager
Bianca Hull, Development Manager

The Valley Centre for Environmental Education & Research Inc, Sydney

Robyn was part of the team that facilitated the pilot program for Nardu Survivor.

The five-day camp was set on 170 acres of natural bush with ten young participants aged 15-22.

Robyn’s impact was especially pertinent on Day One where her skills in group facilitation were obvious. She immediately gained and retained the interest of both the teenage participants and other team members, setting the scene for an exciting, fun-filled five days.

The participants quickly began to interact as a team, looking out for and helping each other through the many challenges set for them. Robyn skillfully facilitated group sessions around the campfire, in the evening, where those present were able to safely share their life experiences.

Robyn has a very honest and professional approach to her work and brings integrity to any type of group situation.

Lesley Provan, President The Valley Centre

Roche Pharmaceutical, Sydney
Robyn's program, through practical and participative activities and discussions, proves the theory - improve the people and we improve the profits. The vigour and knowledge made available during the program plus the exceptional level of Robyn's ability allowed the group to become far more aware of the bigger picture. The participant's comments shown are representative of the feelings of all who attended:

“Inspiring, motivational and very interesting. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to participate in this course and believe its content relates not only to your working life but to your personal life as well.”

"I would like to say that the course provided me with tools to understand my workmates on several different levels and I like the idea of separating the person from the behaviour to make bad behaviour less confronting!"

“I found the course very beneficial. I was particularly impressed with Robyn. She's very open and honest and puts you at ease very quickly. She left me hungry for more information on synergy!!”

“If you are looking for the difference that makes the difference, then Developing Human Synergy is for you.”

Jennifer Santoro
Assistant Organisational Development Manager
Roche Pharmaceutical Pty Limited

Flight Centre, Sydney
It is not very often that one feels comfortable enough to share their inner most feelings, fears and dreams, especially when in company of workplace colleagues.... Unison Communications, facilitated by Robyn Walker provided an environment, which allowed the Team Leaders from both SBT Business Travel Solutions and Campus Travel to express their feelings by stepping out of their comfort zone. Your session was encouraging and extremely informative.

By the end of your session every member left the day feeling positive, setting new and higher goals, diminishing any negative thoughts and looking forward to a successful and happy future.
On behalf of the Leaders of SBT & Campus Travel, thank you again Robyn for your time and providing us all with not only an educational day but also an enjoyable one.

Mary Gava
Operational Leader
SBT Business Travel Solutions

Enough is Enough
Anti Violence Movement Incorporated

During a recent presentation of her ‘Developing Human Synergy’ program at Berrima Correctional Centre I saw the powerful and impressive impact she has on people with her material.

Robyn’s work is both challenging and emotive and certainly causes people to reflect on their relationships in a most positive way…whether it be within a corporate, community or in this case a correctional setting.

Her work highlights the importance of taking personal responsibility in developing and maintaining effective communication.

The comments from attendees of Robyn’s program were very supportive of her work and the passion with which she presents it.

Ken B Marslew AM

SHE Housing Inc
I was fortunate to experience Robyn’s capabilities whilst she facilitated a three-day programme for women who had experienced domestic violence and disadvantage. Robyn’s skill opened doors for these women to experience the empowerment of self worth and a belief in their capacity to influence their own lives and to mould a future for themselves.

Liana Green
B. Arts (Psychology) B. Social Work

TV Pro Global
The wisdom & insight that Robyn exudes will forever make a mark on your perception of life. She has a remarkable ability to pinpoint the core reason and purpose of most things. ….A Natural Motivator!”

Sharon Lynne, Director, TV Pro Global




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