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Testimonials – Job Services Australia

Robyn Walker from Unison Communications has provided invaluable support and a customised service to WorkVentures. Robyn designed a service complimentary to the Employment Consultant’s role when engaged to deliver ‘Employment Now’ to our most disadvantaged clients.

Robyn’s expertise encompasses services to the very long term unemployed, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, Indigenous, Parents, Youth, Mature jobseekers and those on a disability allowance.

Robyn catered and modified their services to align to our business plan and they have successfully moved our most disadvantaged and challenging clients into an employment mind-frame and proactively assisted clients to work effectively with the staff to meet our contractual objectives.

This unique and versatile service can be attributed to Robyn’s business savvy and accommodating service flexibility.

Lisa Exton
Head of Employment Services

IPC Employment
The five day 'Employment Now' program that Robyn Walker from Unison Communications facilitated for our clients was a fantastic course. The job seekers engaged well and actually wanted to attend the whole program.

Over the five days they became changed people with a positive outlook and increased level of motivation. This resulted in a 30% placement rate on completion of the program.

I also found Robyn to be very approachable, with a fun personality and full of ideas and positive interaction with myself and staff.

I would recommend Robyn and am very happy to speak further on her behalf.

Karen Badans
Site Manager

Bridgeway Barnes and Associates
I have been involved in Employment Services and Training for the past 18 years. During this period I have been fortunate enough to engage Robyn Walker, from Unison Communications, to deliver her ‘Employment Now’ program. As a manager I measure everything, I am pleased to say the results from Robyn’s’ program were quite outstanding.

Robyn has the unique ability to engage with long term unemployed people at a deeper level while at the same time focus on employment outcomes. Her program moves participants and also offers practical solutions. Robyn understands the demands placed on Case Managers and is able to communicate and interact with staff, she is enthusiastic and solution driven.

I would recommend Robyn and her program to anyone wishing to increase employment outcomes.

Ian Bridger, Director




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