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“Robyn is an excellent communicator and has created one of the most innovative courses I have come across. In a non- threatening and fun manner, I was able to evolve my understanding and hone my skills and techniques required to communicate to a wide variety of individualistic styles. A high impact training weekend!”

Michaela Green
Director, Sales & Marketing

"Dear Robyn,
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for an incredible weekend. You truly are a gifted teacher. The integrity, love and wisdom with which you presented the workshop 'Feel Good Be Happy', was truly inspirational. I am already noticing the profound positive change in my life and my heart and soul overflow with gratitude".

Melanie Ferriere.x

Dear Robyn,
Thank you so much for an inspiring seminar. Your content was creatively presented and the participants were included and respected in the processes. There was a great sense of connectivity and it was evident that we all got exactly what we needed!

Your presentation was professional and engaging from beginning to end. Thanks again ... I look forward to future seminars with you.
Warmest wishes,

Gael Seymore
MaAfrika Tikkun Australia

Life’s so busy that it takes a lot for me to give up some of my free time – but I’m so glad that I went to Robyn’s “Feel Good, Be Happy” course. Mainly because, at the end of it - I did, and I really was!

Robyn’s just so natural and grounded, and one of her many skills is being able to present deep concepts in a very light-hearted and fun way. It was an interactive and involving experience, rather than Robyn just standing at the front of the room talking. We all had the chance to make a contribution, and some time to forge a connection with each other.

In a nutshell, it was really beneficial. I got the chance to learn more about what makes me tick, and how to better understand and communicate with others . The icing on the cake? I had a lot of fun and a good laugh with some really interesting new people.
And perhaps best of all, the feel good-be happy feeling has continued on…

Alison Wilson
Building Biologist



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