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Valley Centre for Environmental Education and Research Incorporated
Robyn was part of the team that facilitated the pilot program for Nardu Survivor.
The five-day camp was set on 170 acres of natural bush with ten young participants aged 15-22.

Robyn’s impact was especially pertinent on Day One where her skills in group facilitation were obvious. She immediately gained and retained the interest of both the teenage participants and other team members, setting the scene for an exciting, fun-filled five days.
The participants quickly began to interact as a team, looking out for and helping each other through the many challenges set for them. Robyn skillfully facilitated group sessions around the campfire, in the evening, where those present were able to safely share their life experiences.

Robyn has a very honest and professional approach to her work and brings integrity to any type of group situation.

Lesley Provan, President The Valley Centre



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