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  "Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness"
  Old Chinese proverb

Personal Empowerment Workshops

Robyn offers these programs via her own public workshops
or through organising your own with a group of friends…(8-20 people)


Upcoming Public Programs TBA


Program duration is 12-15 hours and can be tailored as required e.g.

  • One evening/week for five weeks
  • Two x one-day (weekdays and/or weekends)
  • One day plus three mornings, afternoons or evenings
  • Four half days (weekdays and/or weekends)



Cost $220-$250/person (concessions available)
(Dates, Venues and prices for July 2009 – December 2009 TBA)

To book or for more information, call Robyn on 0417 440 664
or email robyn@unisoncommunications.com.au

Robyn is offering her highly interactive & empowering, personal development programs to the general public. They are based on the successful format she has designed for the corporate market, and a ‘money-back guarantee’ will be offered at the end of each workshop, should any participant feel it did not meet their expectations.

Workshop Registration
For further information and to find out when workshops may be scheduled in your area, email Robyn at robyn@unisoncommunications.com.au or phone Australia 0417 440 664 International + 61 417 440 664.

About Robyn
Robyn’s facilitation/training career began in 1992, and she has since developed and presented programs for a diverse range of clients and people from many backgrounds. These include corporate & small business, community organisations, people long-term unemployed, correctional centres & ex-offenders, TAFE colleges and schools. She has also worked in mental health and in 2001 travelled regional NSW, presenting suicide prevention programs to community groups and schools. (also see About Robyn on CWR Website)

Workshop Outline
Major aspects of her life-changing workshops & seminars include a profound understanding of how our response to our thoughts and emotions influences our behaviour, which directly relates to our level of happiness and therefore success in life.

Robyn operates from the concept that we already know this information. This knowing though has often been suppressed into our sub-conscious state, over time, due to a number of factors including the fast pace of our day-to-day lives and our personal belief systems.

The programs reactivate this knowledge back into our awareness, allowing us far more scope in how we choose to behave in any given situation - individually and collectively.

It is from this level of conscious thought and emotional awareness that we can truly begin to create happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

At the end of the day, Robyn is motivated to inspire and motivate others to be the best they can be.

Components include emotional intelligence, leadership & mentoring skills, learning styles & personality profiles. More than anything they are about having fun, interacting and enjoying the learning process while re-discovering ourselves, our dreams, our lives.