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'Come to the edge', he said. They said 'We are afraid'.
'Come to the edge', he said.

They came...he pushed them...and they flew.
Guillaume Apollinaire
Corporate Survivor
'Support - Surpass - Succeed'

What is “Corporate Survivor?"
“Corporate Survivor” is a unique and powerful wilderness adventure set on 170 acres of virgin bush, within a stunning valley located near Wiseman’s Ferry, approximately one hour from Sydney.

What sets Corporate Survivor apart is that unique experience of re-visiting our land-based origins, of being at one with nature and relying on each other to carry out individual and team-focused tasks…to have fun, re-learn and survive.

Why consider "Corporate Survivor?"
Leading edge managers ‘dare to be different’. They are aware that many organisations are only achieving around 25 - 30% of their competitive potential and that a disturbingly high percentage of their people feel disenchanted with their workplace?

Research is also showing more and more conclusively, ‘when people know their workplace is giving back to them personally, to the community and/or the environment – they feel happier, motivated & more involved’.

In business terms, we know this as the Triple Bottom Line…‘realigning our understanding of ‘profit’ to encompass environmental & community considerations as well as the financial aspect – i.e. benefits for all.’
We call it ‘Developing Human Synergy’ -“working together for the same beneficial outcome, thereby creating more” and ‘Corporate Survivor’ is our flagship program in achieving this.

What exactly does "Corporate Survivor" do?
It encourages people to “get back to basics”…by dispensing of modern day trappings such as mobile phones and all the other ‘taken for granted’ daily comforts.

In return, we swap them for tents, campfires, vivid sunsets and magical sunrises, a visual smorgasbord of nature and team-based activities including bushwalks, abseiling and canoeing. It is a true opportunity to let go of life’s stress-related pressures and often-burdening responsibilities.

These highly interactive and experiential team transformation programs range from three days to one week and participants experience all the joys and challenges of living with and being close to nature.

Marketing Opportunity
These programs can also be filmed and a DVD provided to each company for usage on their websites, at company conferences etc.

 ‘a chain is only as strong as its weakest link – then along comes Corporate Survivor’



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