Personal Empowerment, Team Transformation & Mentoring Programs
for corporations, organisations & community groups


This three to five day, program is designed to provide people who are currently unemployed with highly motivated and grounded communication skills to:

- Obtain suitable and sustainable work in the short term
Develop the self-motivation to maintain ongoing employment

People who have experienced this highly interactive and fun program have found them to be a life changing experience, gaining useful, realistic tools that have relevance to both obtaining and retaining work as well as in their personal lives.


- Enhanced personal development and job motivation
- Increase confidence
- Recognise non-verbal signals – Communicate clearer
- Understand career skills transfer – Expand job choice
- Realise the various communication styles – Interview success
- Boost communication skills - To keep the job
- Value and develop capabilities – Perform better


- Increased level of confidence and enthusiasm
- Understanding and believing there is employment out there
- Understand the importance of obtaining “first step/immediate” employment
- Expanding confidence to take ‘next-step/ongoing’ employment opportunities
- Accessing the “hidden” job market and the ability to self-market
- Developing a more professional resume and cover letter that sells

Note: Programs can also contain a reverse marketing component.
This includes identifying a wider range of employment options based on current skill levels along with interview, presentation and assisted self-marketing



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