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“STEP UP” for Stream Four People

The Four - Five Day program is based on Cognitive-Behavioral therapy and the concept that our thoughts cause our feelings and behaviors, not external things, like people, situations, and events.

The benefit of this perception is that we have the capacity to change the way we think and therefore empower ourselves to ‘feel and act better’, even if the situation does not change.

It is designed to provide people with mental health issues grounded and practical options in changing thoughts, emotions and behaviours. This then allows them to discover/re-discover life options they may no longer have felt possible.

- Enhance emotional development and life motivation – Increase confidence
- Recognise non-verbal behaviour and signals – Communicate clearer
- Understand the importance of positive language – Develop Positive Relationships
- Value their own inherent qualities – Feeling empowered

- Increased level of confidence and enthusiasm
- Re-connecting back into the community
- Creating new life goals and personal dreams
- Re-claiming themselves and a heightened sense of self esteem



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